About US


Aussie-Products.com is owned by Anne Taylor Consultancy Pty. Ltd. The company resides in Brisbane, Queensland – the sunshine state – beautiful one day and gorgeous the next.


Aussie Products is designed to give you the choice to purchase from a range of Australian products.

How many times have you spent hours searching the web and not found what you wanted. This web site is designed to cut down on time spent sitting and searching. You can search my site and order from a number of quality manufacturers for which I am an agent.

After you have finished shopping and you come to the checkout, you know exactly how much your order will cost.

The site is new and as time goes by more and more manufacturers will be added to the already robust list.

The on-line shop was designed to be a “one stop shop” for Australian products. In talking to people they have said, “When I go home to see my family overseas I can’t find an Australian product to take with me”.  Now you can search the site and choose from many options.  Australia has a lot to offer – just look at the list of Australian inventions and you will be amazed. We all know about the ‘black box flight recorder” but look at my page summarising the other inventions – see the section “Australian Inventions” which details these events.

The products on the web site are either designed in Australia or designed and manufactured in Australia. In some cases it is not economical to manufacture in Australia so there are some items that have been manufactured overseas.

Let aussie-products bring Australia to you.

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